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Canvas Wall Art Sizes

Our canvas wall art can be custom printed to any of the following sizes:

1-Piece Canvas (Example):

1-Piece Canvas Wall Art Sizes Size Dimensions
Small 20" x 14" | 50cm x 35cm
Medium 24" x 18" | 60cm x 45cm
Large 32" x 24" | 80cm x 60cm
X-Large 39" x 30" | 100cm x 75cm
Other Other Sizes Available

3-Piece Canvas Short (Example):

3-Piece Canvas Wall Art Size Short Size Dimensions
Small (36"x20") 12" x 20" (x3) | 30cm x 50cm (x3)
Medium (48"x24") 16" x 24" (x3) | 40cm x 60cm (x3)
Large (60"x20") 20" x 28" (x3) | 50cm x 70cm (x3)
X-Large (72"x32") 24" x 32" (x3) | 60cm x 80cm (x3)

3-Piece Canvas Tall (Example):

3-Piece Wall Art Size Tall Size Dimensions
X-Small (24"x16") 8" x 16" (x3) | 20cm x 40cm (x3)
Small (36"x24") 12" x 24" (x3) | 30cm x 60cm (x3)
Medium (48"x32") 16" x 32" (x3) | 40cm x 80cm (x3)
Large (60"x40") 20" x 40" (x3) | 50cm x 100cm (x3)

4-Piece Canvas (Example):

4-Piece Canvas Wall Art Size Size Dimensions
Small (32"x24") 8"x16" (x2), 8"x22" (x2)
Medium (48"x36") 12"x24" (x2), 12"x32" (x2)
Large (64"x46") 16"x28" (x2), 16"x40" (x2)
X-Large (80"x56") 20"x36" (x2), 20"x48" (x2)

5-Piece Canvas Style 1 (Example):

5-Piece Canvas Wall Art Size 1 Size Dimensions
Medium (40"x22") 8"x14" (x2), 8"x18" (x2), 8"x22" (x1)
Large (60"x32") 12"x20" (x2), 12"x28" (x2), 12"x32" (x1)
X-Large (80"x40") 16"x24" (x2), 16"x32" (x2), 16"x40" (x1)

Ordering Custom Configurations:

If you see wall art listed on our website that you'd like to order in a different configuration (ie: 3-Piece, 5-Piece, etc.), please contact us and provide the name of the product, along with the size and configuration you would prefer. We can have any design made into 1-Piece, 3-Piece, 4-Piece or 5-Piece configurations. Pricing will match the examples listed above.

Using Your Own Custom Image:

We can also place your custom images or photos on any of the canvas wall art configurations listed above. Please contact us directly at support(at) for assistance and to send us your custom imagery.

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