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How to Choose the Best Sofa / Couch Cover

Posted on November 15 2019

How to Choose the Best Sofa Cover

Whether you're trying to protect your investment or looking to restore your old, outdated furniture, choosing the best sofa cover for your needs doesn't have to be complicated. Similar to selecting an item of clothing, you'll need to consider the style, fabric, texture and fit; but thanks to today's high-quality, stretchy elastic fabrics, almost every type of furniture can be renewed or protected with a stylish sofa slipcover.

Even the Best Sofa Covers are ONLY Cosmetic

Although an elastic sofa or couch cover can breath new life into almost any living space in your home, it's important to keep in mind that an elastic sofa cover is ONLY a cosmetic fix. A new slipcover will certainly change the look of your furniture, but the underlying structure will not change. So if your couch is lumpy or uncomfortable, even the best couch cover will not make it feel like a comfy new couch again.

If your furniture is falling apart or beyond structural repair, this money-saving solution could end up being a wasteful expense. There's no point in covering a piece of furniture if the frame is damaged or the springs are destroyed. You are better off buying new furniture or reupholstering it so the internals can be repaired.

Consider The Various Styles

Top Sofa Slipcover - Gray
Best Couch Cover - Red Boho
Best Sofa Slipcover - Textured
Top Couch Cover - Palm
Best Sofa Cover - Fern
Top Sofa Slipcover - Skirted

A sofa slipcover can protect your furniture from dust, dirt, stains and daily wear and tear, but because they're primarily a cosmetic item, the first thing you'll want to consider when selecting the best sofa cover is THE LOOK. Sofa slipcovers come in a wide range of styles - from loose to fitted. In addition, there are dozens of colors and an endless array of unique textures and prints that can help set your living space apart.

A loose fitting sofa cover will provide a casual and relaxed feel, while a fitted couch cover will follow the lines of your existing furniture and provide a more clean and sophisticated look. Choose from a variety of themed options such as: Solid, Floral, Geometric, Tropical, Vintage and more.

Consider The Type of Fabric

Some fabrics are more suitable for slipcovers than others. As a general rule, it's best to avoid thick, heavy fabrics such as chenille and velour. Although these fabrics can be custom tailored to your furniture, they may not conform tightly to the shape of a sofa or couch well, and custom tailoring can be very expensive.

In our opinion, the best couch covers are made of medium-weight polyester fabric which will conform well to almost any shape. Not only is it extremely stretchy and elastic, but synthetic fabrics are often more durable because they're resistant to stains, are shrink and fade resistant, and can even repel water.

Consider The Furniture Design & Shape

Many sofa and couch covers are marketed as "universal fit," but this doesn't necessarily mean that they'll fit your furniture well. Even if the fabric is extremely elastic, it may be difficult to get it to conform properly to heavily arched backs or arms rests. If your couch has a vintage or irregular shape with sharply curved lines, expect there to be some air pockets in those curved locations, which may or may not be a visible.

A slipcover also won't work well over exposed wooden frames or arms rests. Not only is it possible that the hard wood edges will stick out and be visible through the fabric, but visitors could mistakenly expect a soft, comfy sofa and end up with an unpleasant surprise when they go to take a seat.

The Best Couch Cover? Making Your Final Decision

With so many different choices and slipcover options, choosing the best sofa cover for your furniture is ultimately a personal choice. Unless you have an irregular or odd-shaped couch, love seat or arm chair, there is certainly an option that will fit well and look great. See our complete selection of elastic couch covers here →


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